My name is John Pilling and I was born and raised in Accrington, having ridden motorcycles since the age of 7.[/strap]


My name is John Pilling and I was born and raised in Accrington, having ridden motorcycles since the age of 7.

Motorcross was my first love and then when I was old enough I bought my first bike for the road a Yamaha DT125. I had 5 years of joy moving onto bigger and bigger bikes until after what probably every biker goes through, the arrival of a family I decided to hang up my leathers for a few years.

The bug never left me and being into touring bikes I returned with the biggest of the lot a Honda Goldwing which I took to the South of France and from John O’Groats to Land’s End, I had a whale of a time. Eventually I scaled down to my current bike a BMW R1200RT SE did the End to End again and then started to look at turning my hobby into my living.

I am a Qualified DVSA Approved driving Instructor and DVSA fleet trainer with a successful driving School- Pillings School of motoring providing learner and advanced training on 4 wheels.

I took the required training and qualified as a Cardington Assessed CBT1 & DAS Instructor, qualified to teach CBT and Large Capacity motorcycles through the Direct Access Scheme.

I worked as a freelance motorcycle instructor for some of the northwest’s largest motorcycle training schools and as an Instructor for the Lancashire County Council Ride Awareness Team prior to establishing Pilling’s and I am now a Diamond Diploma Advanced Instructor. I hold a PTLL’s Level 4 teaching qualification as well as holding a Level 3 Diploma in Customer care and I am a Member of RoSpa, the DIA and IAM.

When I look back to those early days on the road I now realise that I only learnt to pass my test and did not invest in my safety with any further training. The requirements for riding on today’s roads are now vastly different to when I passed my test with, good training and coaching now being essential. Still living in Accrington with my¬†wife,¬†family and three dogs, my belief is that safe biking does not have to be boring and dull. It can be anything you want it to be if you know how to access your potential.