Beginner/Novice Trailer Course


Duration: 16 hours 2 days

Includes time used for DVSA TEST ( x 2 if on 2 to 1 course)

Course Fee

£864.00 + £115.00 (TEST FEE) 1 to 1 Total cost £979.00

£960.00 + £230.00 (TEST FEES) 2 to 1 Total cost £1,190.00

(The 2 to 1 course is for two people paying £595.00 each.)

The duration of this course is 16 hours based over 2 days.  (If on the 2-to-1 course that is shared time between you both.) Day 2 will culminate in your DVSA test. ( One after the other if on the 2 to 1 course.)

It is designed for people who, are not fully confident in driving or towing a trailer and will look at all aspects. That includes the coupling and uncoupling of a trailer, the correct way to deal with the reversing manoeuvre and time out on the road practising towing a trailer. It will take in various types of road including motorway driving where possible.