Direct Access


“If you are going to spend some money on training then spend it with John and the guys at Pillings. JB our instructor was brilliant, laid back relaxed and so experienced. He made learning fun and enjoyable. I was happy when I passed yet sad at the same time as I knew that the training was over. I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 days training. Thanks guys” Nina.

Training to pass the bike test is not just about passing the test, it’s fundamentally about developing the rider to a level above what’s required and expected by the DVSA examiner. At Pillings we aim to far exceed what’s needed to ensure that not only does the client pass the test but also has a good sound foundation on which to build the rest of their riding style and career. The direct access is open to anyone 24 years or older and is also available to anyone who has held the A2 category on their licence for two years.

The Direct access process is based on a two part exam which is carried out at the DVSA by one of their examiners. The first part is called the module 1 exam and is designed to test your slow speed riding ability. We will guide you through the use of clutch rear brake and throttle response to get you to a stage where you can pass this exam. This test lasts around 15 minutes and there are 8 exercises to complete,

1. Wheeling the bike
2. Slalom
3. Figure of 8
4. Slow speed ride
5. U turn
6. Controlled stop
7. Emergency stop
8. Swerve avoidance.

There are only 5 minor faults allowed no serious or dangerous. After this we then move onto the module 2 exam where you are followed out on the road by the DVSA examiner and they test your riding ability. This test is around 45 minutes in duration with the examiner directing you via a radio link. He is expecting to see a safe, competent yet confident ride. There are only 10 rider faults allowed and again no serious or dangerous. Our courses are all designed to get you above the expected level so that passing the tests is just something that happens as a result of being a good rider.

Route to test success

• Contact Pillings

• Complete CBT

• Pass Theory (free training)

• Train for Module 1&2

• Pass Module 1

• Train for Module 2

• Pass Module 2

• Smile and Enjoy!!