Experienced Trailer Course


Duration 10 hours 1.5 days 1-2-1

2-1 Course 11 hours 1.5 days

Includes time used for DVSA TEST ( x 2 if on 2 to 1 course)

£540.00 + £115.00 TEST FEE 1 to 1 Total cost £655.00

£660.00 + £230.00 TEST FEES 2 to 1 Total cost £890.00

(The 2 to 1 course is for two people paying £445.00 each.)

(2 to 1 course is 11 hours shared over 2 days)

This course is for experienced drivers able to confidently drive on motorways and in busy town centre environments. You will also have had experience in the reverse manoeuvring of trailers.

The course is 10 hours (11 for 2-1 course) in duration and includes and culminates in the DVSA test at the end. (2-1 course Tests will be one after the other) You will be coached in all the aspects of towing a trailer, coupling and uncoupling, safety checks and road going skills as well as the correct way to deal with reversing manoeuvre.