Terms and Conditions for Training Courses

This document outlines the Terms and Conditions under which Pillings Motorcycle Training offers its services in the delivery of motorcycle training courses. All our courses are covered by these Terms and Conditions and you will be asked when booking a course if you have read and accept these terms.

Acceptance of an offer of a place on a training course is signified by the payment of a booking fee, either in full or as a deposit. The payment of the booking fee signifies your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

  • Your Responsibilities – What to Bring / What to Wear
  • Payment and Refunds
  • Cancellation or Postponement of Courses
  • Insurance
  • Compulsory Basic Training – Exclusion from Road Ride
  • General Conditions

 Your Responsibilities (What to Bring, What to Wear)

For all training courses, you must bring the following:

  • Your Driving Licence

The Photocard must be valid (they expire after 10 years!)
We must also have been able to carry out a DVLA licence check which will show your Provisional Entitlement for the category of motorcycle you are able to ride and any motoring convictions

If you have the old paper-only style driving licence, then please bring photo proof of ID, such as a passport – we need to verify you are who you claim to be!

  • Your Glasses if you need them to see distance

We must perform a basic eyesight test to check you can read a normal number plate (i.e. one of the form XXNN XXX) from 20 metres.

  • A packed lunch or money to buy lunch

Skipping lunch or failing to drink enough during the day can increase fatigue and cause a loss of concentration – not good when you’re trying to learn something new!

For all training courses you must wear:

  •  An approved motorcycle helmet

Unless you are a member of the Sikh religion and wear a turban.
If you do not have your own helmet, we can supply one for you to use.

  • A motorcycle jacket (preferably with CE approved armour)

If you do not have your own jacket, we can supply one for you to use.

  • Motorcycle gloves

For hygiene reasons we usually do not lend gloves to trainees. You must provide your own motorcycling gloves. Please contact us for information as to the best local stockists. 
Ski gloves, woolen gloves and leather fashion gloves are all unsuitable as they will not offer you sufficient protection

  • Sturdy over-the ankle boots (preferably motorcycle boots)

Training shoes, sandals, canvas shoes, etc. are all unsuitable for riding motorcycles or scooters

  • Motorcycle trousers or Jeans / thick trousers

Jogging bottoms, leggings, tracksuit bottoms, etc. are all unsuitable for riding motorcycles or scooters

  • Warm clothing, especially in winter

Riding a motorcycle or scooter exposes you to a wind-speed of 30mph and above. It can get cold, even on a nice day!

 If you don’t have your own gear, we will supply you with the following to use during your course:

  •  An approved motorcycle helmet
  • A motorcycle jacket incorporating CE-approved body armour
  • Waterproof over-trousers
  • A high-visibility vest to wear during all practical training sessions

 If you are using your own motorcycle or scooter for training, you must also bring:

  •  Your motorcycle insurance and MOT (if applicable) documents

We need to check that your motorcycle is in road-worthy condition prior to the start of any training. If there are any defects that render your motorcycle / scooter unsuitable for training we will be forced to cancel your training with no refund. If you are in doubt, please bring your motorcycle / scooter to us for inspection at least 48 hours prior to your course (so you have time to rectify any faults or hire a bike from us)

  • Your motorcycle must also be taxed
  • Your motorcycle must display valid L-plates front and rear (note that cutting the L-plate renders it invalid – they must be at least 178mm square)

If you fail to bring the above, or turn up wearing inappropriate clothing, you will be excluded from your course and lose your course fees.

Sorry, but if you don’t take your responsibilities seriously, then we won’t train you as we don’t want to be responsible for you getting hurt!

When attending prior to a Practical Test, you must also bring:

  •  Your Driving Licence (see notes above)
  • Your CBT certificate (DL196) which must be in date (i.e. less than 2 years old)
  • Your Theory Test Pass certificate, which must be less than 2 years old
  • For your Module 1 Pass certificate for your Module 2 test

When attending for your Practical Test, you must comply with the DVSA rules on what to wear, see https://www.gov.uk/motorcycle-practical-test/what-happens-during-the-motorcycle-practical-test.

Payment and Refunds

  1. Full payment for all training courses must be made 5 working days prior to the commencement date of the course. Where booking is made within 7 days prior to the commencement date, payment must be made in full at time of booking. CBT course’s are to be paid in full at the time of booking.
  2. deposit of £150 is payable at time of booking for Direct Access Courses if booking is more than 7 days prior to commencement of the course.
  3. Refunds will only be granted should 10 working days’ notice be given and confirmed in writing (e.g. by email).
  4. Motorcycle training courses cannot be safely conducted in the event of adverse weather conditions, such as ice, snow, dense fog, flooding or severe winds. Under these conditions we will notify you as soon as possible and reschedule your training as soon as mutually convenient.
  5. Should you be unable to take a DVSA test that you have already paid for and that we have allocated on your behalf, we will not be able to refund your test fees. We will always try and ensure that your tests can be moved to another date if you are unable to take them, but this will not always be possible.
  6. Where a DVSA test is cancelled due to bad weather, you will be offered a new test date by the DVSA – If we have conducted your pre-test training session and escorted you to the test centre, we will sadly be unable to refund your training fees. We will endeavour to ensure that if it is likely your test is cancelled then you do not incur these costs.
  7. In the event that our instructor is unable to conduct your training course and no replacement instructor is available, we notify you as soon as possible and will reschedule your training as soon as mutually convenient.
  8. In the event that the motorcycle / scooter allocated for you to use during your training course is unavailable, a suitable alternative will be made available. Where this is not possible, we will notify you as soon as possible and will reschedule your training as soon as mutually convenient.
  9. No refunds will be given for training courses cancelled if an alternate date is offered within one month of the postponed course date. If we are unable to offer an alternative date within one month, we will refund your course fees in full.
  10. No refund will be made for expenses incurred by trainees attending courses that are cancelled or postponed.

Cancellation or Postponement of Courses

  1. No refund will be given for training courses or tests cancelled by the trainee unless the notice stated above is received. Exceptions to this condition are at the discretion of the Owners of Pillings Motorcycle Training.


  1. All motorcycles / scooters provided for training purposes are covered by Pillings Motorcycle Training’s insurance policy.
  2. There is a £250 excess on this insurance, which will be payable by the trainee in the event of a claim arising against them (i.e. damage to the motorcycle / scooter or 3rd parties or 3rd party property whilst they were in charge of the motorcycle / scooter)

Replacement Parts Charges Policy

As part of your course you have been allocated a bike upon which to learn. As we have not got unlimited resources, we hope that you respect it and treat it as if it was your own. However, we do appreciate that accidents happen and that damage does sometimes occur, so as we know that you would repair your pride and joy, any damage to our bikes needs to be repaired as well.  So, with this in mind we have prepared a list, all be it not comprehensive of some of the more usual casualties of a drop. Failure to agree to replace damaged parts in the event of a mishap may result in your course being cancelled and all fees that you paid being used to repair the bike. In the event of serious damage, we reserve the right to cancel the remainder of the course and we are under no obligation to provide you with another bike to complete the course. If you have any disagreement with this policy then please bring it to the attention of your course instructor.

Broken clutch or front brake leaver from  £15

Damage to either foot control/ foot rests from £30

Indicators from £15

Lights from £40

Broken casings from £70

Damage to bodywork/ panels from £45

Serious accident damage £500 as well as forfeit of course fees.

All prices are bike specific and will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. We will always try where possible to replace with pattern parts to keep costs to a minimum for you, as long as this does not compromise safety in any way. You will only ever be charged the actual cost of the parts used and any labour time incurred. We don’t want to profit from a mistake. 

Compulsory Basic Training – Exclusion from Road Ride

  1. A trainee may be excluded from Element E of the Compulsory Basic Training course (the 2-hour road ride) if in the opinion of the Instructor they are not ready to proceed. No refund will be offered and the trainee will be required to undertake a CBT Completion course to complete their Compulsory Basic Training.

General Conditions

  1. You will be expected to be familiar with the contents of the current version of the Highway Code.
  2. All training courses start promptly at the published start time. You must arrive 5-10 minutes before this start time. If you turn up late, you will not be allowed to join the course and will forfeit your course fees. If you are running late, please call the office as soon as possible, in case we are able to delay the course start time (this will be at our discretion and will depend on the impact on other trainees).
  3. You must inform us at time of booking of any medical condition, and/or drug or medication you are taking (by prescription or otherwise), that could impair your riding ability. Any changes to medical conditions or drugs/medication that might impair your riding should be brought to the attention of your instructor prior to commencement of any training.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel, amend or reschedule training courses as necessary, according to the conditions outlined above.
  5. We reserve the right to determine appropriate riding standards as criteria for submitting trainees for testing. Such criteria will be in accordance with regulations and guidance as issued by the DVSA. We will not submit trainees for testing where they clearly do not meet the criteria required to succeed.
  6. We reserve the right to terminate training and exclude trainees from further training without refund in the event of them riding or behaving in a dangerous, negligent or disruptive manner, or failing to act upon their Instructor’s guidance.
  7. We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions without prior notice. Any changes to the terms and conditions will be notified to any trainee currently booked on a training course, and revised terms and conditions provided to any new trainees booking a course.
  8. We operate a ZERO tolerance to verbal and physical abuse towards any member of staff or other individual using or providing our services. If such problems occur then you will forfeit any course fees and further training.