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Direct Access

Some people have age 24+ as the age to do the Direct Access scheme to enable them to ride any category of motorcycle. This is incorrect as there is the Progressive Access route that states that if you have gained your A2 licence at 19 and held it for two years then you can, at age 21 retake your test. Once passed you would then be able to ride any size of capacity machine.

Our approach to this course is based around what happens once you have passed your test, as after this you can ride any size of machine from a commuter to a 200+ break horse power machine.
Training to pass the bike test is not just about passing the test, it’s fundamentally about developing the rider to a level above what’s required and expected by the DVSA examiner. At Pillings we aim to far exceed what’s needed to ensure that not only does the client pass the test but also has a good sound foundation on which to build the rest of their riding style and career. We look at cornering, positioning, safety assessment, controlling the road and environment risk and maximising the fun that is available once you are riding your bike out on the road. The direct access is open to anyone 24 years or older and is also available to anyone who has held the A2 category on their licence for two years.
If you are new to biking with no prior test being taken at A2 level then you need to be age24+ to access the Direct Access Scheme.