Well here we are the start of a new decade and chance to relook at our aims and goals. This year is going to usher in a new era and direction for parts of our training courses. One of our key changes this year is the introduction of our new and exciting trailer training courses which begin in March. Our website is going to be updated and condensed so that users can find all our services on one platform, so if it’s cars, bikes or trailer training it’ll all be on here.

A fundamental part of what we have been doing for the last 7 years has been to help people get started on 2 wheels. We have been delivering CBT and Direct Access training to clients with great success, however we have decided that at the start of the new decade to limit our motorcycle training to that of advanced level training only. In teaming up with another respected training school to assist clients wishing to undertake cbt or Direct access training through them, even if we can’t help you with the actual training we can guide you to finding a trust worthy school to help you.

We will be looking to develop our guided ride outs and tours where advanced training will be available to you free of charge if you wish to access it. Keep an eye on the website for further information on that!!! Of course our successful car training side of the business will continue as normal.

All that leaves us to say is that we hope the new decade brings you all the success that you hope for. Don’t forget that a phone call to us costs nothing and the advice is free but that information could save you hundreds of £’s and also possibly your life.