Advanced Rider Training and Coaching


“I didn’t want to be a paper chaser as I just wanted some training for a biking holiday, so it was refreshing to find a company that offered advanced training based around me and my needs. The training John supplied fit the bill perfectly and with the video analysis made it easy to improve.
Many thanks John for the advice and training I will be back for more!!” Ian Smeathham

Advanced training is sometimes portrayed as an old mans game and that it’s perhaps stuffy and ultra cautious. Alternative food for thought though, is that top sportsmen and women do not have coaches to teach them how to play their respective sports but moreover they work with them to think and behave like champions. So if it’s IAM/ROSPA/DIAMOND or ERS then we have it covered, you can train with us in the confident knowledge that your instructor will have taken all these tests and experienced them first hand so therefore being able to guide your training to where your skill needs to be.

That’s where good advanced training and coaching comes in. We work with the client to develop the decision-making process, which ultimately affects the skills and safety margins used on any particular ride. Yes advanced coaching and instruction can teach you how to corner better, overtake smoother and brake more effectively but more importantly the aspects of good bike riding happen inside the helmet not at the point of control.

True riding legends like John McGuiness or Valentino Rossi spend more time thinking how to ride smoothly and technically correct rather than riding on the ragged edge, over braking, misjudging corners and just getting away with it. By concentrating on the approach to bends and overtakes they manage to make the impossible look easy. Advanced training has the ability to unlock and open up your riding potential, we do this by getting you to self evaluate your environment and the risk potential. Through developing the understanding of how to ride like this and how to think with more attention to detail it will increase your safety and the safety of other road users whilst enabling you to enjoy your riding to the full.


  • How long does the course last? – Anywhere between 2 and 6 hours but usually within the day.
  • How much does it cost? – We charge £30 per hour with a minimum 2 hour duration.
  • Do I need my own bike? – Yes as the training is more personalised then.
  • Am I on my own or can I bring a mate? – We usually train on a 2 clients to 1 instructor basis so bringing a mate is ideal.