Hi There,

Welcome to Pilling’s School of Motoring. We are based in Accrington and are a family run business providing quality driving tuition.
From the first phone call to passing your test and beyond you can rest assured that we are right there, in supporting your commitment to getting out on the roads safely.
Pass plus courses are available once you have passed your test to help you get the most from your new found skill and we pride ourselves on the service we offer which is 5 days a week, with early bird lessons from 8am and evening lessons finishing at 8pm.

Our aim is to put you the customer first, so all the instruction is tailored towards your needs. You will not be given lessons you don’t need but you won’t learn unless you are at ease and relaxed, so we try to ensure that you enjoy learning to drive through calm, patient tuition using the latest coaching methods.
We can by prior arrangement collect you from work, college, home or drop you there if required it’s up to you. Contact us to check out the prices to find a package to suit your budget and take it from there.

Driving – How it should be, fun!

You want to pass your test; you might have just passed it and even done your pass plus so you’re now a qualified driver. The open roads beckon, country run’s, trips to the seaside, out with your mates, independence, freedom, enjoyment…

That’s how it should be, but in between all this is the reality that the roads are overcrowded, fuel costs are rising, driving standards seem to be going out of the window and insurance costs are bordering on the ridiculous. It is an unfortunate fact that today’s motorist is a magnet for taxes and overpricing…. WHY? That is because deep down the car gives you a feeling of freedom, the chance to go where you want when you want and people want to cash in on that, the government, insurance companies etc, etc.

If you want to avoid some of the downside to motoring there are things that you can do to help yourself, here are a few tips:

An ADI– Find a good one who is reliable and puts your coaching first.

An ADI – will instruct you to ECO drive, using gears properly, whilst keeping speed appropriate and planning ahead to avoid stop start motoring where possible. Keeps fuel costs to a minimum.
An ADI – will teach you how to anticipate the movements of other motorist’s, including the idiot’s who think they are the only ones on the road. Therefore, making your driving safer = Cheaper insurance.
An ADI – will give you the most up to date advice and guidance on cars and all things motoring related, they are a mind of information and expertise. Use their experience for your benefit!

That’s why it’s important to use the services of an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) to help you achieve your potential.

Now … how you drive once you’ve passed your test will be down to you. The roads are a fast-changing environment and to keep your insurance down you need to take responsibility for your actions. Keep thinking about how you as a driver affects others, please don’t become a sad statistic – driving can be so much more Whatever you decide have fun, enjoy driving it’s one of the best things you’ll ever do, be safe and hopefully I’ll see you soon.

John Pilling
ADI Instructor