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DAS Instructor Course


“I had previously tried to gain the Direct Access qualification and failed both times. I then booked in with John and hey presto, I passed first attempt. The difference, all about how to phrase the knowledge I have. Thanks John couldn’t have done it without your help.”
Rob Sunderland

The DAS Instructor Course allows you to take out students on large capacity bikes. The half day Cardington DAS Instructor exam can only be undertaken once you have passed the CBT1 Cardington exam. Our 3 day course will equip you the Instructor with the necessary tools for the exam.

In the course we focus on the PST’s (Pre Set Tests) which form the basis for the test but unlike other courses we then focus your training on learning how to develop and use the DVSA’s preferred and most up to date style of client centred learning (CCL). We look at the content involved in the new marking sheet and how to maximise your potential pass this exam with ease. Great detail is given and we breakdown the myth’s and legends surrounding this exam. If you have struggled with passing this exam not knowing what they are expecting then contact us and we can help.